If we knew what was going to happen tomorrow, life would be so much easier.

But we don’t know.

duncan bannerA large part of what I do is educating people  about the options available to plan for the unexpected.

Before I became a financial security advisor, I thought about the future but I didn’t think to plan for the unexpected. This all changed in my life after my son died of leukemia. I never dreamt such an event would happen to me. And, I had no idea how this event would affect my ability to work and provide for my family while my son was ill, and, after he died.

Reducing Risk From Hurting You, Your Business & Your Loved Ones

I realized nobody has a crystal ball that can tell them what’s going to happen in the future. In today’s society, you’re more likely to suffer a debilitating disease than die. If this should happen to you, do you know how you would take care of yourself, let alone – provide for your family?

Making A Difference Starts With A Plan

You don’t know what’s around the corner. And you don’t know how one event or a health diagnosis can change your life. Without planning, there is no turning back.

I wake up each day with the purpose of helping people. Let me show you how you can protect your world, love and life.

Special Events

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