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How to Get an Audience to Connect With Your Speech

When asked, most people will tell you that public speaking is one of the most dreaded activities to be asked to do in one’s personal and business life. It doesn’t have to be. People love telling and hearing stories. What better topic is there but a story based on your life, experience or adventures? When […]

Boomers Can Still Lead the Pack – Running Triathlons at 60!

If you were born in North America during the 1950s, you’re a baby boomer. And, you most-likely grew up without much talk about personal fitness and healthy eating. Looking back, it was a different time, with different values. It was a time when Canada was just being seen as a united and prosperous country. Looking […]

Motivational Speaker

When I share my family’s story about my son Michael, I speak from the heart. As humans, we relate to real-life stories better than any words, charts or statistics. If my story touches one person then that’s one more individual who can be empowered to plan for tomorrow.

Before Estate Planning Was Part of Your Portfolio

My grandfather and my great uncle, Duncan and Beverley Robinson, were the most successful life agents in Canada Life during the 1920s. This was well before estate planning had a definition or much of an understanding of what you could do today to protect your assets for the next generation.

Empowerment is Your Greatest Asset

Out of the water and onto the bike as quickly as possible. During the Penticton Ironman, my mind was focused on getting my wet suit off and finding my bike. I was empowered when I entered this race, in my new age class of 60, I was determined to finish the race.

Chantal Kreviazuk Inspired By Story of Ironman Strength

While speaking at Ronald McDonald House’s 2012 Gala Dinner, my story of strength touched a number of people in the audience. Each plate, at every table, was helping raise funds for the house many BC families call home – Ronald McDonald House.

Leave A Legacy

There doesn’t have to be chaos in life when you have planning in place. I can show you how to build a foundation to protect your world, love and life through integrated tax planning or creation of wealth.